Giant naans and tasty dishes at the Spice Hut in Westgate

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MY favourite thing about Spice Hut in Westgate is the massive naans - they’re a meal on their own, and could possibly pass for a platter with a bit of creative thinking!

Spice Hut - formerly Grantham Spice - is an Indian takeway which is perfectly placed for me to pop into on the way home from work when you know you’re too tired to cook anything but need more than a bowl of Sugar Puffs to get you through the night and into the sunlight.

I ordered from the “traditional dishes”, selecting chicken tikka korai.

Having visited in the past I decided to forgo the rice as I knew there would be far too much curry and naan for me to waste my time filling up on rice.

After dashing home, eager with anticipation, I opened the bag to discover those nice chaps at Spice Hut had given me three free poppadoms and a selection of dips - mango chutney, chopped onions and a minty concoction which I steer clear of.

The mango chutney is excellent. I could pour it into a glass and drink it.

Then I tear into the sealed bag containing my enormous garlic naan. I’m a garlic-lover and I can see big chunks of garlic covering the giant bread. Give me that garlic!

Incidentally, a friend of mine swears by Spice Hut’s keema naan.

The curry itself comes in a delicious tomato-based sauce and is packed with big chunks of peppers and onions, as well as the chicken tikka. There’s fresh coriander on top along with ginger and more garlic. Pure pungent magic!

Half-way though the curry and I’ve eaten all the naan. Full to bursting I decide to pack away the rest of the curry to scoff at my desk at Journal towers the following day.

The morning after I reek of curry and garlic but it’s all very much worth it. And I’ve still got the leftovers to enjoy at lunch!

by Neil Graham

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