Grantham Journal Eating Out: I enjoyed £3 deal but won’t be making a habit of it

Scene Setter of Subway
Scene Setter of Subway
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Subway is not the first place that springs to mind when I want to get something to eat in town.

But it is a favourite with my 10-year-old son and as a holiday treat last week I took him to the High Street eatery while we were in town.

Subway is a typical fast food ‘restaurant’ - all plastic chairs and tables - not to my mind the most customer friendly of places. But the proof is in the eating and so we both chose the £3 meal deal in which you get a six inch sub and a drink.

My son was immediately disappointed when he was told his favourite filling - chicken tikka - wasn’t available so he had to plump for the next best thing, tuna.

I may not be a regular customer at Subway but I did know they offered a meatball marinara filling. I chose that in an Italian bread sub and then went on to choose some spicy cheese (the meatballs are spicy too) and mayo. The range of salad and sauces you can choose for your sub is quite impressive and the salad was nice and fresh so you can build up a chunky and filling sandwich for a decent price.

I decided on a cappuccino while my son went for a diet coke - there are free refills of cold drinks although he couldn’t manage another one which is unusual.

While not struck by the atmosphere of the place - I rarely see it with more than a few people in it - and the fact that the loos were out of order at the time, the food is tasty and filling and the meal deal is a fair price.

The good range of breads and fillings on offer is certainly an attraction although my daughter, a vegetarian, is not a fan as she says what is on offer for her is not to her taste.

The latest TV ads would have us believe that eating at Subway is a healthy option. I don’t know about that, but as I am only a very occasional customer I am not going to worry about it.

For an occasional visit, Subway is fine but it’s not a place I am going to make a habit of.