Great food and great service in a windswept corner of town

Scene Setter of Mr Mang and Mr Pangs.
Scene Setter of Mr Mang and Mr Pangs.
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AS usual, we arrived late.

But the staff at Mr Man’s and Mr Pang’s in Wharf Road, Grantham, took it in their stride and served up a great meal.

It was Saturday night and we were part of a party of 11, which was no problem for the restaurant’s friendly and industrious team.

The table had been booked earlier in the week, and a member of staff called on Saturday afternoon to confirm the details and check the numbers hadn’t changed - a nice, reassuring bit of customer service.

Arriving 10 minutes late, we found the rest of the party corralled in the seating area near the bar - but were quickly led to our table.

Drinks were served - several of us opting for China’s Tsingtao beer - and it was time to investigate the menu.

To say we made it difficult for the staff is an understatement.

Our order consisted of several sub-groups ordering different set menus, as well as others ordering individual dishes.

All was served on a revolving platter that added to the confusion of the hapless diners.

Thankfully, the staff were familiar with such challenges and did an admirable job of explaining which dish belonged to which menu.

Having heard several good reports about the restaurant, the food didn’t disappoint.

There was an excellent platter of starters, with succulent roast pork and a sugar-coated chicken dish forming the highlights.

It was followed by the Chinese restaurant staple of roast duck - always enjoyable, and served well here.

The main course lived up to the standards set by the first part of the meal - my personal favourite being a spicy version of chicken with cashew nuts.

And try as we might, we couldn’t finish it all.

The restaurant has been in the same spot in Wharf Road for so many years that it’s easy to forget it’s there - it just forms part of the landscape as you sit in one of the traffic jams that inevitably forms outside.

But if you’ve never been, or haven’t been for a few years it’s definitely worth a visit. Friendly service, great food, reasonable prices - what more can you ask for?


Review by Bob Hart