Lovely home-made food at a reasonable price at The Stag

Scene Setter of The Stag, at Barkston.
Scene Setter of The Stag, at Barkston.
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LOVELY home-made food is what you can expect from The Stag at Barkston.

Add to that a friendly service and it’s a winning recipe!

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the village pub on Easter Sunday - even my brother who is notoriously difficult to please when it comes to food!

His high expectations were met with the three-course meal, which was very reasonably priced at £12.95, as were mine.

I ordered a chicken and ham terrine to start, followed by a main of beef lasagne with garlic ciabatta.

The terrine arrived and although it didn’t look particularly appetizing it was very nice. When I took my first bite I was expecting it to be as rubbery as it looked, but instead the meat was perfectly cooked.

It was served with a side salad and an onion marmalade, which was delicious. My only criticism is that there wasn’t enough of it! The salad dressing was also very tasty.

My relatives opted for the broccoli soup or battered mushrooms, and not a scrap of the starters were left over. Everyone commented on how nice their’s was.

However, we were warned by a waitress as we were seated at our table they were almost out of soup and that they had run out of salmon fishcakes. This didn’t affect the enjoyment of our meal, though.

My main of beef lasagne with garlic ciabatta was lovely, and I polished off the lot. I was ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over the lasagne or roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, but finally decided I fancied the lasagne.

Everyone else had the beef and all but one were full of praise. My mum had to leave a slice of her beef because it was too tough to cut a knife through, but she also gave it a thumbs-up overall.

When it came to the dessert we were spoilt for choice. I went for the vanilla and chocolate cheesecake with cream, while my other half and mum chose the apple and blackberry crumble with cream.

“It was beautiful,” said my mum of the crumble, while I was pleased with the cheesecake.

It wasn’t as chocolatey as I’d have liked, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly order it again.

The fact that all the food was home-made was great, and £12.95 for three courses was a real bargain.

While the food is obviously the most important aspect of dining out, I think the decor and ambience should also make an impression. The decor at The Stag is quite dated and there wasn’t much light in the part of the restaurant we were seated in. But that didn’t detract too much from our family get-together.

Another point definitely worth mentioning is that The Stag is in a great location, just a minute’s amble from a scenic, river-side walk. After paying the very friendly man behind the bar, we took a wander along the river to Syston and back to the car. We might not have walked off the whole meal, but it was a start!

Review by Marie Baker