Mixed opinions on food at new Italian

Scene Setter of Julianos, Wharf Road. 373C
Scene Setter of Julianos, Wharf Road. 373C
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GRANTHAM’S newest Italian restaurant has a lovely ambience, helping you forget you’re in the busy Wharf Road area of Grantham.

My mum and I went to Iuliano’s on the warmest day of this week, so we were relieved to find the restaurant was cool.

As soon as we walked through the door, the friendly waitress seated us and handed us our menus. As someone who can spend an hour deciding from a menu I was pleased to note there wasn’t an endless list of dishes. That’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of choice.

I ordered mozzarella in carozza to start, while my mum ordered bruschetta funghi. When they arrived, they looked delicious and were very nicely presented.

My mum gave her antipasto five stars, and said there was plenty to the dish. Meanwhile, I enjoyed my deep fried mozzarella but couldn’t help but think it was missing something.

For our main course, I chose Pizza Sorrento, while my mum ordered cannelloni. I hate to say it but the pizza, topped with sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple, was bland. It was plentiful and the base was lovely and thin, but the topping didn’t taste of much.

In complete contrast, the cannelloni was “fantastic”. Mum was very impressed with the dish, although commented that she would have been more so had it been served with something extra, perhaps garlic bread.

When it came to dessert, we decided our waistbands could just about manage it if we shared one. There was a good selection of desserts available, including lemon sorbet and ice cream. We opted for home-made cheesecake which came with either chocolate or strawberry sauce.

The cheesecake itself was nice, but the sauce tasted like it came out of a bottle. We both felt it didn’t do the cheesecake any justice.

This has been the most difficult restaurant to score. I myself have been torn between three stars because my dishes were bland but the service was great, while my mum would have given it four. Therefore I decided on...


Review by Marie baker