Nice grub at village pub but the dessert could be improved

Scene Setter of The Welby Arms, Allington.
Scene Setter of The Welby Arms, Allington.
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THE Welby Arms in Allington is a nice pub to grab some grub and enjoy a pint.

Situated in the heart of the village, it is very attractive from the outside, particularly during the summer months, while the inside has the usual warm, welcoming feel of a traditional village pub.

Arriving late in the evening and looking for something to eat before bed, I ordered the fish and chips while the wife opted for the “Landlord Pie”.

The food area is large but was quite empty apart from ourselves and a family which was probably due to the lateness of our arrival.

The fish was a very decent size and came with mushy peas. It was nicely cooked with delicious batter but maybe slightly over-priced at £11.95.

However, it arrived with a whopping side order of chips which I knew I’d never be able to finish. The chips themselves were tasty enough.

The wife enjoyed her beef and mushroom Landlord Pie, although it could have come with a nice gravy boat - a nice touch appreciated by gravy-obsessed northerners which we have enjoyed at other village pubs in the area.

After the meal we were both pretty full but opted for desserts in order to give the Grantham public a full flavour of the food on offer.

Being a bit of a sweet-tooth I couldn’t make up my mind on whether to go for the ice cream or the rhubarb crumble. In the end I plumped for my favourite vegetable in the world, only to be asked if I would like it with custard or ice cream.

All us rhubarb and crumble fans know custard is the only way to go but I took a risk and went for the ice cream.

Unsurprisingly, rhubarb crumble doesn’t go nearly as well with ice cream as it does with custard - but that’s hardly the fault of the pub!

The ice cream was very nice but I wasn’t overly impressed by the rhubarb crumble. It lacked any strong taste and the rhubarb itself was very grey and a little podgy.

The wife was more impressed by her selection of cheeses, although the celery which accompanied it received two thumbs down. She does love her celery - I can’t stand the stuff - but swore that it wasn’t celery at all. Whatever it was, it wasn’t very nice.

All in all it was a nice meal. If you ever find yourself in Allington with a stomach that needs filling I would recommend the Welby Arms...but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to make a return visit..

HHH ½.