Sarnies at Hallam’s food and wine store are simply the best

Scene Setter : Hallaams. 695B
Scene Setter : Hallaams. 695B
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I WRITE this review as I sit at my desk munching the best sandwich I have ever eaten!

When I spotted the price of a sarnie at Hallam’s Delicatessen and Food and Wine Store, in The George Centre in Grantham, I thought to myself, ‘this had better be good’. But it’s more than good.

I opted for the farmhouse cheddar with chutney and salad on granary bread. The bread is soft with a crunchy crust, the cheese is mature and lovely, and the chutney is delicious. I’m a big fan of chutneys and this one was delicious.

On closer inspection of the sarnie, however, the lettuce is browning around the edges, which it shouldn’t be for £3.69, but it tastes so good I’m willing to let that slide.

Despite knowing full well that a sandwich and piece of rocky road cake is more than sufficient for lunch, my eye was drawn to the home-made coleslaw (that’s what you get for missing breakfast). Although it looked a little dried out along the edge of the bowl, I’m a sucker for home-made coleslaw so I ordered a small pot. It was nice but not as creamy as it looked and I was a little disappointed.

Upon paying for my bag of treats, I asked the woman serving if the cakes are home-made and she confirmed that they are, another thumbs-up from me.

There was a small selection to choose from, including a fruity flapjack and chocolate sponge. They all looked delicious if a little on the small side.

Now to my rocky road cake. My expections were running a little high following on from the super sandwich, but the cake hasn’t disappointed. It’s moist and really tasty, easily the best rocky road I’ve had.

Hallam’s is a lovely delicatessen with a warm atmosphere. As soon as I walked through the door the smell of food and coffee hit me, it was very welcoming.

The tables and chairs are wooden, country-style, and I think that really suits the place and adds to the laid back feel.

Another point I feel is very important to make is that Hallam’s sources much of its food locally. Just a quick glance around, I spotted juices from Stamford, bottles from Belvoir Fruit Farms and free-range eggs from Ruskington.

Also on the walls are shelves of wines, ciders, lagers and beers, while the chiller housed all kinds of lovely cheeses, olives and dried meats.

I’ve heard many a good thing about Hallam’s, it has a good reputation. That was confirmed while I was standing in the queue and the customers either side of me ordered their “usuals”. Clearly they were regular customers - I might well be joining them.


Review by Marie Baker