Wing’s is best Chinese in town thanks to its special rice dish!

Wings Chinese takeaway in Hornsby Road, Grantham.
Wings Chinese takeaway in Hornsby Road, Grantham.
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WING’S is the best Chinese takeaway in Grantham!

I’m sure to be inundated with remarks from people who disagree but there it is.

I absolutely love Chinese food and I’m pretty confident in saying I’ve ordered from every takeaway in town.

But none of them makes a house special rice as fabulous as Wing’s, in Hornsby Road.

It’s a meal in itself really, with slices of meat and prawns added with a sauce and topped with an omelette. It’s delicious!

I’m banging on about it a little too much I realise, but you HAVE to try it!

Before I go on to tell you what else I ordered, I must make it clear that it wasn’t all for me! The portion sizes are so big, the dishes were split between four plates.

No Chinese meal would be complete without sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style, and Wing’s makes a mean dish. I find the chicken can sometimes be quite dry but this was spot-on, and the sauce wasn’t too sticky.

Meanwhile the crispy chilli shredded beef was lovely. When I’ve had this elsewhere, I’ve found that the beef is barely there and what is is bone dry, but Wings got it right again.

The beef chow mein was great, and there was plenty of it.

The guy behind the counter who took our order was really friendly, and I think that’s very important. It might be a takeaway rather than a restaurant, but good customer service still counts.

Plus he handed over a free bag of prawn crackers which were lovely and appreciated.

One criticism I do have is that there are no seats for customers to sit down on. So if you do want to grab a magazine or newspaper - including the Journal I was pleased to see - then you have to stand at the not-very-long counter. There is plenty of room for seats so I can’t understand why there aren’t any.

Another little whinge is that in the 10 minutes it took us to get home and dish it up the food was lukewarm and needed a zap in the microwave.

But even heated through it was still a lovely meal and both my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll certainly be going there for Chinese takeaways from now on.

Review by Marie Baker