Woody’s offers you a hearty Sunday lunch

Woody's Bar and Restaurant near Ancaster.
Woody's Bar and Restaurant near Ancaster.
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WOODY’S Bar and restaurant at Woodland Waters near Ancaster was a perfect setting for Sunday lunch on a sunny day.

Set in an area of lakes and woods popular with campers and anglers, the restaurant seemed like a good choice for lunch with the chance to explore an area we had not visited before.

Service at Woody’s was quick. I chose the thick vegetable soup while my wife went for the prawn cocktail and our children chose the melon and the mushrooms in garlic sauce. The soup wasn’t as thick as I was expecting and could well have done with plenty of seasoning as it tasted bland. My daughter polished off the melon which came with a good selection of other fruits and my son enjoyed the mushrooms although he found the sauce a little too rich.

For the main course three of us chose the carvery while my son chose the smoked mackerel. All the dishes came with vegetables served at the carvery which allowed us to fill our plates with a good selection. The kids ate up most of their veg which must go down as a success and my son enjoyed his fish, no doubt chosen because only the week before he had been mackerel fishing off the coast of Wales!

Although we were all full after two courses we couldn’t resist a pudding and it turned out to be a good decision. My son soon finished off his mouthwatering fudge cake with ice cream and his sister almost beat him to it with her jam sponge and custard. My pot au chocolat was a delicious mousse served in a small dish, plenty for such a rich sweet and my wife loved the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

Woody’s Sunday lunch menu was a little hit and miss but on the 
whole it was an enjoyable meal and decent value for about £15 per person.


Review by Graham Newton