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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (12A)

AT last Paul Torday’s novel has made it to the big screen, but of course few adaptations are better than the book.

And that’s the case here, but that is not to say the film isn’t enjoyable. The screenplay lends itself more to rom com than the satire of Torday’s work and most disappointingly (but not surprisingly) changes the end to a schmaltzy ‘Hollywood’ finale.

Ewan McGregor plays the fisheries scientist blackmailed into starting an unlikely salmon fishing project in the desert to deflect attention from the horrors of the war in Afghanistan. Kristin Scott Thomas is the outstanding star as the PR chief to the Prime Minister. Her character is more than reminiscent of foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in the BBC series The Thick Of It, and there is more than enough strong language, surprising for a 12A film.

The film continues at The Reel until Wednesday.

Review by Graham Newton