Grantham Dramatic Society tackles hit West End spoof The 39 Steps

Grantham Dramatic Society to perform The 39 Steps
Grantham Dramatic Society to perform The 39 Steps
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Grantham Dramatic Society (GDS) have been given a rare opportunity to perform a current top West End show as their latest production, next week.

The spoof of the classic spy thriller The 39 Steps runs from May 23 to May 26 at The Guildhall Arts Centre.

The GDS production uses the same script that has been performed in the West End for over five years.

The play is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s original film of the novel by John Buchan, and is filled with physical comedy, witty dialogue and fast-paced action, all delivered by just four actors.

GDS has been granted special permission to perform the play, which is not available generally to amateur groups.

Society acting chairperson and cast member Helen Pack said: “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to put on the show.

“A lot of the cast and crew have been to see the show in London, and loved the fast-moving action. Being a spoof, it’s still got a thriller feel to it, but makes the most of every opportunity for a laugh.”

The story follows dashing gent Richard Hannay as he goes on the run after a mysterious spy is murdered in his flat.

Hannay has to use all his ingenuity to evade the police and secret agents who want to capture him, and solve the mystery of the 39 Steps.

He travels from London to Scotland and back over the course of the play, meeting a cast of memorable characters, including love interest Pamela.

Helen added: “It’s all done by just four actors playing all the parts so it’s a challenge, but it’s so much fun we can’t wait to perform.”

With such a small cast playing tens of characters, the audience will see characters quickly changing before their eyes.

“It’s somewhat farcical,” Helen continued. “But we have a great cast, including Steve Sale who is on loan to us from Harrowby Singers.”

The 39 Steps will be on stage at the Guildhall Arts Centre at 7.30pm nightly. Tickets, from £7, are on sale now from the Guildhall on 01476 406158. For more information, visit