From Dubstep to Rock G in the Park has it all

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THE first part of the line-up for our music festival, G in the Park, is ready to be announced and with the huge range of talented performers there should be something for everyone.

James Alexander, Two Man Kamikaze, Fields of Fire, Impression, Abandoned Bridges, Under the Covers, Selma Thurman, Station will all be adding their musical input to the gig on Sunday, September 18.

The artists to play at our Dysart Park festival, which is sponsored by Fox UK Music, range from a gospel choir to rock bands.

James Alexander creates his music, which is Hip-Hop / R&B based, in a room in his home. To have a listen go to

Two Man Kamikaze will bring Dubstep to the gig. Check out

Fields of Fire is the name of our 10 piece gospel band.

We will also have jazz duo Impression, which is a piano/bass duo playing jazz standards and easy listening.

Rock/Indie band Abandoned Bridges will be bring their original music to the stage.

And if you want to have a listen to Rock/tribute band Under the Covers go to

Selman Thurman combine a huge range of styles in their own music, which can be heard at

Newly reformed band Station will be putting their own twist on songs by the likes of Black Sabbath and The Kinks.

To find out who else will be playing check out the gig guide next week. Details on how to get a ticket will be announced soon.

Gigs in Grantham

Saturday Night:

That’s That (the duo). The White Lion.

The Arcadians. The Nobody Inn.

‘D n A’. The Cherry Tree.

Paul Michell. The Royal Queen.