Grantham band Tennessee Stud stands up for country

Tennessee Stud.
Tennessee Stud.
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A band which first started in 1969 in Grantham wants to be part of a resurgence in country music in the area.

Tennessee Stud was put together b y a group of musicians who were already well established on the local music scene. The band stayed together for a few years before its members moved on to other things. About six years ago Tennessee Stud was resurrected and now the musicians, mostly retired, want to take on m ore gigs and give country music a boost in the town.

Original member Mick Footitt says the venues that used to play host to country music are few and far between these days .

Mick said: “We are trying to raise the awareness of people in country music in this area because the venues have gone and the music is not played on the radio any more.”

Mick, who sings and plays rhythm guitar, is joined in the band by Peter Weatherall on bass, Paul Carpenter on lead guitar and Peter Wallwork on keyboards.

Mick started playing in a skiffle band in Grantham in the ‘50s while Paul started playing in folk bands. Peter also got started in Grantham in the ‘50s and played in a band alongside another big name in these parts, Trevor Leeson.

They have recuited two new members in Les Wright, from Wisbech, on steel guitar and Reg Stratton, from Boston, on drums.

The band have a gig lined up at Belton Golf Club on Saturday, March 2, and hope to attract a full house of about 150 to see them. The band plays traditional country music with covers of songs by Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks and others.

Mick said: “We are not in it for the money. We are pensioners. We’d be happy doing a gig a week.”