Grantham fans furious as Danny Dyer gig is cancelled

Danny Dyer will play a set at Legends in Grantham.
Danny Dyer will play a set at Legends in Grantham.
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Fans of British film star Danny Dyer are furious after a DJ set he was due to give at Legends nightclub in Grantham was cancelled.

The actor, who also performs as a DJ in clubs, was due to come to Grantham on June 22, but, just a few months after the club was taken on by new owners, it has been sold. The owners of Pulse nightclub have taken on Legends, which until recently was called Vibe.

This week some fans were furious because they had been left in the dark about the cancellation and were still waiting for a refund. VIP tickets were sold on the internet for £15 each.

On Wednesday, Lee Collins, who took on Legends earlier this year, apologised to those who had bought tickets, but said everybody had now been refunded.

He said: “We are sorry to let everybody down with the Danny Dyer night. Everybody has been refunded.”

He added: “I sold the club to Pulse because they are good operators. I know they will make it work.”

Jessica Hill told the Journal: “Myself and a few friends purchased four VIP tickets to see Danny Dyer at Legends nightclub Grantham. However, we have recently heard information to suggest that Legends has now changed hands and that there was no information to suggest this particular gig was going on.

“As you can imagine we are left angry at the prospect of losing our money and not knowing if this concert is on or not.”

On its Facebook page, Pulse confirmed that Dyer was not coming to Legends, replying to one disappointed customer: “We aren’t having him any more” and adding: “Sorry it’s nothing to do with us”.

Daniel King, of Grantham, has also been left disappointed after he and some colleagues, who run a music project called From Tha Intro, were due to put on a hip hop gig at Legends this weekend.

But Mr King said that despite months of preparation, it had looked ominous from the start.

Mr King, 23, said: “I went there with the best intentions to do something positive, but it has been a complete disaster.”

Dyer is well-known for his roles in films such as The Business, Severence, The Football Factory and Human Traffic.