Grantham Music Festival to end with concert on Saturday

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There is a winners’ concert and presentation of trophies on Saturday, March 16, to bring this year’s Grantham Music Festival to an end.

The concert is at ChristChurch, Finkin Street, at 7.30pm, and tickets cost £3 on the door.

Results for this year’s Grantham Music Festival are as follows:

Jazz solo for piano - Eleanor Smith.

Guitar solo (secondary school, key stages 3-5) - John Fleming.

Pop music solo or group - 1 David Bauer, 2 Elliott Smith-Rasmussen.


String solo (grades 1 and 2) - 1Jessica Godby, 2 Aakash Jansari, merit Hannah Coffey, Kirsty Lambelle-Rudd, Rachel Williams, Gregory Scotland, Hattie Towns.

String solo (grade 5 and 6) - 1 Disha Singhania, 2 Isabel Leach.

String repertoire (secondary schools, KS3) - Taran Duval.

String solo (grades 3 and 4) - 1 Phoebe Leach, 2 Hio Cheng Au, m Jenni Boddy.

String repertoire (primary school) - Rachel Williams, 2 Agatha Parkin, m Adam Bartlett, Kellan Poole, Katie Shatan, Emma Coffey.

String solo (prelim grade) - 1 Yasmin Bursnall, 2 Amelia Whitfied, m Laila Godwin, Anais Castro, Hesler Parkin, Joshua Parrott, Isaac Kendon, Bella Kerr, Phoebe Rowland.

String solo (beginners, primary school) - 1 Shivani Jansari, 2 Oliver Flavin, m Archie Parrott.

String solo (beginners) - Elliot Smith-Rasmussen.

Piano solo (grades 7 and 8) 1 Hannah Grain, 2 Hio U Tsou, m Isabel Cocker.

String repertoire (secondary school KS4) - 1 Ellen Porter, 2 Braimah Kanneh-Mason.

String solo (grades 7 and 8) - 1 Emilia Pearce, 2 Sara Rigby.

String solo (open) - 1 Ellen Porter.

Woodwind repertoire (open) - Costanza Pearce.

String repertoire (open) - 1 Sheku Kenneh-Mason, 2 Isabel Cocker.

Family group - 1 Costanza and Emilia Pearce.


Piano solo (grade 2) - 1 Hannah Underwood, 2 Taran Duval, m Francesca Lenton, Elizabeth Hindmatch.

Piano solo (beginners, primary school) - 1 Alice Rossington, 2 Holly Riordan, m Travis Williams, James Grainger.

Piano solo (prelim) - 1 James Grainger, 2 Millie Hindmarch, m Ella Marshall, Ella Edwards, Dominic Hubner.

Piano solo (grades 3 and 4) - 1 George Topham, 2= Sam O’Sullivan, Sadie Langdon, m Elliott Smith-Rasmussen, Elisha Rooke.

Piano solo (grades 5 and 6) - 1 Emilia Pearce, 2 Nic Jones, m Disha Singhania, Josie Read.

Piano repertoire (secondary school, KS3) - 1 Konya Kanneh-Mason, 2 Hio U Tsou, m Zoe Grain.

Piano solo (beginners secondary school) - 1 Francesa Hall, 2 Safia Hall.

Vocalor instrumental solo (adult beginners) - James Donaldson.

Piano duets (beginners) - Safia Hall and Francesca Hall.

Piano duet (primary school) - 1 Alice Rossington and Isabella Rossington, 2 Sam O’Sullivan and Joe Parker.

Piano repertoire (primary school) - 1 Isabella Rossington, 2 Helen Braybrook, m Tejomayee Ganeshi, Elizabeth Hindmarch, George Croudace.

Piano duet (secondary school, KS4) - 1 Disha Singhania and Zhuoran Yue, 2 Hannah Grain and Zoe Grain.

Handbell ringing group - 1 St Vincent, 2 St Wulfram’s, 3 Bretherton.

Piano repertoire (secondary school KS4) - 1 Hanna Grain, 2 Disha Singhania.

Piano repertoire (secondary school KS5) - Sara Rigby.

Piano repertoire (open) - Jeneba Kanneh-Mason.

Piano duet (secondary school, KS5) - 1 Greg Mihill and Georgina Langdon, 2 Sara Rigby and Emilia Pearce.


Senior citizens, vocal solo or duet - Jurgen Matussek.

Equal voice choir (open) - 1 Diocese of Lincoln Ladies, 2 St John’s Ladies.

Church choir (open) - St John’s.

Mixed voice choir (open) - 1 St John’s, 2 Grantham Choral Society youth choir, m Elsham Singers.

Songs from the Shows (open) - 1 David Bauer, 2 Emma Boone.

Gilbert and Sullivan operetta (open) - Kate Landy.

Songs from the shows (secondary school) - 1 James Clack, 2 Abigal Mahony, m Nakeisha Creed, Rebecca Mahony, Katy Thomspson, Nathan Read, John Bowskill.


Woodwind repertoire (primary school) - Francesca Lenton.

Woodwind repertoire (secondary school KS3) - 1 Annabel Lenton, 2 Josie Read.

Woodwind solo (grades 1 and 2) - 1 Madeline Hubner, 2 Isabella Gardiner.

Woodwind solo (grades 3 and 4) - 1 Hannah Benson.

Woodwind solo (grades 5 and 6) - 1 Alisha Selby

Brass solo (grades 1 and 2) - Samual Davie.

Vocal solo (secondary school KS3) - 1 Rebecca Mahony, 2 Lewis Taylor, m Lauren Wilson, 2 Elliott Smith-Rasmussen, Katie McGough, Nakeisha Creed, Francesca Longden.

Partnership class (open) - Abigail Mahony and Rebecca Mahony.

Vocal solo (treble) - Niamh Morrissey.

Folk song solo (school ages) - 1 Chris Eldridge, 2 Brendan Cox.

Vocal duet (secondary school) - Maya Thompson and Katy Thompson.

Vocal repertoire (secondary school KS3) - Rebecca Mahony.

Vocal solo (secondary school KS4) -1 John Bowskill, 2= Brendan Cox, Abigail Mahony.

Vocal repertoire (secondary school KS4) - 1 John Bowskill, 2 Disha Singhania, m Isabella Bradstock, Abigail Mahony.

Vpocal repertoire (secondary school KS5) - Costanza Pearce.

Leider (open) - Disha Singhania and Corinne Glover.


Woodwind solo (prelim grade) - Jordan Scott.

Vocal solo (primary school) -1 Elissa Foster, 2= Jake McDonald-Pike, Charlotte Taylor, m Isabella Gardiner, Joshua Cox, Harriet Owen, Tigerlily Bell.

Piano solo (grade 1) - 1 Amelia Dennis, 2 George Croudace, m Sophie Craven, Laura Elliott.

Vocal duet (primary school) - Jacob Baker and George Cowgill.

Songs from the shows (primary school) - 1 Jake McDonald-Pike, 2 Joseph Williams.

Large instrumental group (primary school) - 1 Donington Cowley Endowed Primary School chamber orchestra, 2 The National School orchestra, m Donington Cowley Endowed Primary School wind band.

Instrumntal group (primary school) - Grantham Preparatory School senior wind band.

Recorder group (primary school) - Grantham Preparatory School.

School choir (primary school) - 1 St Mary’s Catholic school, 2= Grantham Preparatory School choir, The National School senior choir.

Small instrumental group (primary school) - 1 Charlie Foulds, Freddie Thomas, Adam Bartlett, Rose Osborne and Alex Holt.

Instrumental duet (primary school) - 1 Mary Hardiman and Hattie Towns.

Instrumental hgroup (secondary school) - 1 Hannah Coffey and Celeste Drouin Davies.

Folk song solo or group (open) - 1 KGGS Close Harmony, 2 The King’s Men.

Vocal group (secondary school) - 1 The C Sharps, 2 Vocal Youth.

School choir (secondary school) - Kesteven and Grantham Girls School.