LA Guns shoot to thrill in Grantham

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GRANTHAM rocks! Never did I believe I would hear those words shouted on a stage in Grantham from a band with such rock pedigree.

Ok. LA Guns were playing the Playhouse in front of a crowd of around 150 people, but Phil Lewis’s words rang true that night. The crowd in that function room above the bar were pumped up and were singing the words to songs recorded 20 years ago.

The band played a blinder. They were clearly enjoying themselves, spurred on by the audience who had already shown their appreciation for two support bands Prophets of Addiction, from Seattle, and London’s Damn Dice.

Let’s put some perspective on this. LA Guns recorded their first glam metal album in 1987. Their first few albums sold millions of copies around the world and the band were lauded by rock fans and critics from LA to London to Tokyo. They toured the world and supported the top dogs such as AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne.

Of course, it didn’t last and the band split up and went through numerous line-up changes, splitting into two versions of the band, one spearheaded by Lewis, the original voice of the band, which I think gives them the edge over the other version.

You have to hand it to them though. Lewis is 54 and his colleagues no spring chickens. They have played places on this tour no doubt most of them have never heard of, including Grantham (as well as Pontypool, York, Sutton-in-Ashfied!), and most of them back to back.

So it’s all the more amazing to see this band appear in Grantham and blow the place away with such anthems as Over The Edge, Sex Action, Electric Gypsy, The Ballad of Jane, Never Enough and Rip and Tear. It did all remind me of my rock club days in Manchester in the ‘80s when glam rock ruled and Guns N’ Roses led the way.

Let’s hope the Playhouse can put on more of these gigs and bring in more fans. After pulling off such a successful event there is definitely the potential. Rock on Grantham!