Poor takeaway service let Bindi down, but the food was nice

Scene Setter of BHINDI
Scene Setter of BHINDI
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I’VE eaten out at Bindi a number of times, and always thoroughly enjoyed the food and the exceptional service.

So when I fancied an Indian takeaway, I thought where better to go than the Indian restaurant in London Road, Grantham?

Sadly, I was disappointed. I realised that it’s the full experience at Bindi that makes the meal, from the lovely decor and service - not to mention the great rose wine - to the friendly chats with the restaurant owner. It’s great that he makes time to chat to his customers.

Take all that away and you’re left with what I felt was a neglected take-away service. The food was nice enough, but the lack of friendly service left me glum-faced. Admittedly, customer service at a takeaway is limited, but an effort should still be made and I was left distinctly unimpressed and somewhat sad.

That said, the lovely waiting area at Bindi is pretty special. Quite often, you find yourself sitting on a lumpy sofa with a magazine – if you’re lucky. At Bindi, the decor is pristine, Indian music videos play on a flat-screen TV and there is a bar if you fancy a drink while you wait.

It was while we were waiting that my other half searched the takeaway menu – in vain – to find a dessert, hoping to come across chocolate cake. But there was no dessert menu and upon asking we found that desserts are not to take away.

Now, it might have been partially down to us going in at almost 10pm, but then again whatever time it is, if the restaurant is serving food it should be spot-on. Twenty-five minutes later and my other half and I were whinging about waiting for our rather small order to arrive.

We ordered pappadoms with dips, curry, egg fried rice and naan bread. We headed straight home and dished it up to find everything lukewarm, which a minute in the microwave soon remedied. Also, we did notice one of the dips was missing.

The curry and rice were nice, the chicken tikka massala in particular. I thoroughly enjoyed the curry.

However, the naan bread was tough and dry, and seemed as though it was far from freshly made.

As I said, I’ve eaten out at Bindi several times and I’ve never had a bad word to say, which is why I was disappointed. Perhaps if the service had been better I would have enjoyed the experience as a whole a lot more.

I hope this was a one-off - it certainly won’t put me off returning. But next time we will eat in rather than take food away.

Review by Marie Baker