Eric Chappell’s latest play - you can see it here first!

Eric Chappell's new play will be performed at the Guildhall on November 12. 858B
Eric Chappell's new play will be performed at the Guildhall on November 12. 858B
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Renowned comedy writer Eric Chappell will see his latest comedy premiere in Grantham this month.

Mr Chappell, best known for writing the ‘70s sitcom Rising Damp, will be at the Guildhall Arts Centre on November 12 to see his new play, Father’s Day.

Mr Chappell, who lives in Barrowby, said: “The play looks very cosy on the flyer but it’s about a man confronted by his past life by the arrival of his wayward son, his kooky girlfriend and his ex-wife.

“It all comes to a climax that evening but it’s not as cosy as you would think.

“It’s really inspired by my television series Home to Roost - which is one three of my plays still running regularly on ITV3.

“That’s what inspired me to write a stage play about the subject.”

Last year Mr Chappell penned his first thriller, Dead Reckoning, which also premiered at the Guildhall in Grantham.

The play has been so well received it is due to be performed at the National Theatre in Oslo.

Mr Chappell said: “I will be going out to Oslo in a couple of weeks time. It will be nice to meet the cast and make contacts.

“We sent it to Oslo and the Norwegians seemed to like it. It’s a thriller and they love anything like that - the heavy stuff - and they are very good at them. That seems to be their strength somehow.

“It’s nice to think that a play that has had its premier in Grantham has gone all the way to the National Theatre in Oslo.”

Dead Reckoning began in front of a full house at the Guildhall and Mr Chappell hopes for the same support with Father’s Day. To book call 01476 406158.