Review: Pensioners’ panto in Grantham was ‘excellent’

Pensioners panto.
Pensioners panto.
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When Sue Sulston, a member of ChristChurch, decided to organise a pantomime to raise funds for the church, other members of the church readily agreed to take part.

After several rehearsals the pantomime was presented on Saturday, January 26, at 7pm in ChristChurch hall.

Even though there was inclement weather outside, over 75 people attended to watch the play.

When Dick Whittington (Alan Greenslade) asked the audience “have you seen the rat (Sue Sulston)?” the reply came “it’s behind you!”

The audience was also in good voice when they were prompted by the signaller (Jennifer Pye) to join in the singing.

Mr Fitzwarren (Derek Clutterbuck) and his beautiful daughter Alice (Mavis Parker) employed Jack to work in the household kitchen where he was ordered by Ginny Fizz (Denhys Lambley) to mop the floor. When Ginny Fizz came on, the audience were in stitches as they laughed.

The shopkeeper (Hazel Packham) sold Tom his cat (Janet Saunders) to catch the rats and mice. Tom, and his cat joined Captain Jack (Michael Parker) on his boat with his motley crew, Simple Sid (Alan Ruddock), Fearless Fred (Jim Findlay) and Batty Bob (Roger Milward). They sailed to an island, the audience singing ‘The Big Ship Sails on the Ally-ally-oh’. This was amidst hilarious antics of the crew.

Tom’s cat rid the island of rats and mice, and the island chief (Rob Packham) rewarded Tom with great wealth. Tom came back to his beloved Alice and her father agreed to their betrothal and when Tom and Alice embraced the audience joined in with “aaaaaah”. What an excellent evening.

At the finale, Denhys Lambley stepped forward and said that others than the actors should be thanked, especially the St Wulfram’s Hand Bell Ringers, Peter Sulston who was the narrator, Jennifer Pye the signaller and the accompanist David Scoffield and prompt by Joy Greenslade. He said not to forget the ladies who served the refreshments during the interval.

In ChristChurch at Sunday morning service it was announced that over £370 was raised for the ChristChurch community project.

Review by Michael Matsell