Theatre review: Wizard of Oz, Harrowby Singers

Harrowby singers at The Guildhall. Laura Bowling and "Meena". 011D
Harrowby singers at The Guildhall. Laura Bowling and "Meena". 011D
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I sat with a smile on my face throughout the Harrowby Singers’ production of The Wizard of Oz. It was funny. It was heartwarming. It was brilliant.

And it starred Meena, a pooch with a remarkably calm character who played a wonderful Toto. Thank goodness she is toilet trained!

Laura Bowling was an absolutely fantastic Dorothy - and to carry off every line with such pizzazz while looking after Meena was commendable.

As well as Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion were undoubtedly equal stars of the show. The Scarecrow, played by Daniel Poole was fantastic, from the voice down to the way he carried himself as the bag of straw.

Meanwhile, Steve Sale and Len Batey were brilliant as the Lion and Tin Man. Steve’s singing was incredible and Len’s acting top-notch.

The gang gelled so well together playing a group of friends. Chemistry is important when playing characters who have formed a strong bond, and this group had bucketloads of the stuff.

Sadly, the turn-out on the Singers’ opening night was dismal. Where there should have been raucous applause at the end there was not - we could not clap hard enough! You MUST see this Singers’ production - it’s fantastic, one not to be missed.

It’s on at The Guildhall in Grantham tonight (Thursday), tomorrow and Saturday.

Call the Guildhall on 01476 406158 for details or visit