Walton girls on tour with inspired musical

The Walton Girls cast of The Wicked Wiz
The Walton Girls cast of The Wicked Wiz
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Students from Walton Girls’ High School and Sixth Form have created a new stage production and have been touring around Grantham’s Primary Schools performing the new show.

‘The Wicked Wiz’ was inspired by three famous musicals, The Wizard of Oz, the Broadway and West End sensation Wicked and the 1978 classic The Wiz starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Combining and rehearsing these three smash hit musicals started way back in September last year with the BTEC Musical Theatre Students having to get their heads around choreography, songs from the various productions and of course learning their lines.

We grabbed a chat with some of the leading roles to see what they had to say. Sophie Radford who plays Dorothy spoke about the success of the production, “I thought the production was successful because we all put huge amounts of effort and time in and worked together and helped each other out”.

The lovable Tin Man is played by BTEC Student, Simon Johnson, who really relished playing such a great character, said “It was tough going at the start what with learning all the lines and choreography-” Simon went on to talk about how he had a couple of reallychallenging times when learning the lines, “Normally I don’t have a problem with learning my lines but this time it was trickier than usual as I was also learning a script for another play!”.

Jessica Leonard, Faculty Leader of Performing Arts at Walton Girls talked about the challenges involved in creating the production, “it is quite challenging combining the three plays and their various scripts but the key thing was that we created some narration scenes that connected all the various parts and keeps everything flowing”.

The cast and crew created the short extracts to perform at local Primary Schools to help promote the school to the local community. Events Co-ordinator, Ruth Freeman, said, “the feedback from children in the audiences and the schools in general was fantastic and many of them came to see the full version at Walton’s purpose built Performing Arts Theatre.”

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