WHAT’S ON: Two-woman show will commemorate Queen Eleanor at Grantham Guildhall

Eleanor Longshanks
Eleanor Longshanks
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Sue Macmillan and Hannah McDowall bring medieval Grantham back to life in ‘Eleanor Longshanks’, their brilliant two-woman show about Queen Eleanor of Castile, for one night only at the Guildhall Arts Centre.

In 1290, Eleanor, queen to King Edward I, died near Lincoln and her body rested overnight right here in Grantham on its journey to London. And it belonged here too, because she owned the town and much of the land surrounding it. Her tenants flocked to pay their respects; now she was gone, their lives would change forever!

‘Eleanor Longshanks’ is touring the locations of the memorial crosses King Edward built to commemorate her and next Friday (December 1) it comes to the Guildhall to perform just metres from where that cross would have stood.

The show transports you back to the medieval world of Eleanor and Edward and the court of King Arthur, weaving the real life history together with a legend of Camelot. You’ll be amazed to see the contradictory and glorious powerhouse Eleanor was: property magnate, mother, lover, bookworm, huntress, crusader and chess champion.

You don’t need to love history or know anything about it to love this show. This land once knew her name, knew her footstep, it remembers the old stories – now you can hear them too.

Tickets priced at £12 (£10 groups of 10 or more) are available from the box office, call 01476 406158 or visit www.guildhallartscentre.com