Batman film review

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I LOVED the first two instalments of this modern Batman franchise.

I was never all that keen on the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batman years but Batman Begins was excellent and hooked me in and The Dark Knight was a magnificent modern-day classic.

Dark Knight Rises, released in cinemas last week, comes somewhere between the two - not quite matching the trilogy’s second installment but still a terrific film.

For those who have avoided any details of the plot - as I had - there are some cracking characters and plot twists, culminating in the final scenes which will leave you willing director Christopher Nolan to continue the franchise.

It’s taken three films but Christian Bale’s overly-forced, growling Batman voice no longer grates on me and I hope he returns for a fourth film (and a fifth and sixth, hopefully!).

Tom Hardy as Bane is terrifying, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen his performance in Bronson.

But I must say I struggled to make out much of what he was saying in the first half of the film due to the device over his mouth which left everything he said extremely muffled. I also find it incredibly difficult to believe - especially in this film - that Gary Oldman’s supercop (Commissioner Gordon) can’t figure out that Batman is Bruce Wayne.

But you must put those small issues aside, because this is a marvellous film.HHHHH