Cinema: Ralph is a sure-fire hit with the kids

Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph
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Wreck-It Ralph (PG)

This animated feature cannot fail to be a hit with youngsters. It is funny and entertaining but, most of all, every character comes out of an arcade game.

Ralph has been in one of these games for 30 years and is tired of being the bad guy so sets out to be the hero. He sneaks into a shooter game in the arcade to try and win a medal but it all goes wrong and chaos ensues. Then he must redeem himself to become the real hero.

Walt Disney have made a hit by including all the necessary ingredients - there’s plenty of fun, sentimentality, good and evil characters, and, of course, a happy ending.

The characters look old-fashioned but then we are talking arcade games and not the latest in computer graphics. Ralph himself is a nine-foot tall ‘wrecking ball’ who gains our sympathy from the start when he is sat with a group of other arcade characters, as if in an alcoholics anonymous meeting, and confesses: ‘it becomes kinda hard to love your job... when no one else seems to like you for doing it.’