Cinema review: The Croods (U)

The Croods.
The Croods.
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Kids are sure to love this latest DreamWorks animation. It’s entertaining and certainly has its fair share of laughs.

The Croods are the world’s first family, living together in prehistoric times. The story follows them as they embark on an exciting journey together after the cave they call home is destroyed.

Having lived in fear of the outside world for so long, they are amazed by all the wonderful landscapes and unusual creatures they meet as they escape “the end of the world” and search for a land called Tomorrow. They are led on their journey by inventive caveboy Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who falls for young Crood Eep, voiced by Emma Stone. However, her father Crug (Nicolas Cage) is afraid of all things new, including the blossoming love between the pair, and believes he is keeping his family safe by shielding them from life. There are a many laughs - particularly with the relationship between Crug and his battleaxe mother-in-law - and also a couple of teary moments. The Croods is one of those films you don’t really need to see in 3D as the dramatic special effects aren’t there. I’d say watching it in 2D would be just as good. It’s not the greatest animation, but it’s fun and definitely worth a watch.

**** (out of five)

Review by Marie Baker

* The Croods is on at The Reel in Grantham this week.