FILM REVIEW: Ted was disappointing

New cinema release Ted (15)
New cinema release Ted (15)
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A WEAK, disjointed storyline really let this film down.

It’s a shame because the concept is a brilliant one, and the makers hit the nail on the head with the portrayal of Ted. However, the connection between the character of Ted and his best friend and human John Bennett, played by Mark Wahlberg, just wasn’t there. But then they are a digital teddy bear and an actor so I suppose it would be difficult to achieve.

The film begins with John making a wish as a boy that his teddy bear would come to life. Wish granted, the pair grow up together in a world where a unique, walking talking teddy is so normal that he can work the check-out at a nearby supermarket.

But their friendship is tested when John’s girlfriend Lori, played by Mila Kunis, says she wants an adult not an immature man with a teddy bear.

Worth a watch but don’t expect too much.