Film review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12A)

JPWM-15-12-12-010 The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey
JPWM-15-12-12-010 The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey
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Considering parts of this film dragged on, the two hours 46 minutes passed rather quickly.

Had I not known The Hobbit was intended to be a lighter offering than the Lord of the Rings trilogy I might have been disappointed.

But as it was, director Peter Jackson hit the nail of the head, with the prequel including a number of familiar faces while keeping it fresh and new, brining a new dimension to the Lords of the Rings package.

The amazing effects are still there, made even more impressive by 3D.

It did take a while for the story to get going. The scenes in Bilbo Baggins’ home where the dwarves gather and the story is set out went on for far too long and I began to switch off.

However, that quickly changed as the story moved into the next day and the adventure began.

The first of the three parts came to a timely close and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Review by Marie Baker