Premiere planned for youngsters’ debut film

Summer film school, St Hugh's Academy.
Summer film school, St Hugh's Academy.
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A FILM starring young actors from the Grantham area will premiere at the Guildhall next month.

The short film is the culmination of a summer film school at St Hugh’s Academy in Grantham, organised and run by pupil Tinnino Mole.

The group of 14 students spent five days learning about the film-making process, creating a script and acting it out in front of a camera.

Tinnino, 14, of Colne Court, Grantham, said: “It was better than I thought it would be and everyone really enjoyed it.”

Writing the plot was the task for the first day, and ‘Triston and the Rugrats’ was soon born. The story follows rich, snobby kid Triston who has plenty of cash to splash around and wants for nothing.

When his father falls ill, he tells his son that he has to carry out work in a care home if he wants to inherit his vast fortune. Triston does as he is told and finds his challenge difficult.

Keen not to spoil the ending, Tinnino said: “I want people to go to the premiere and see it. It’s a very good film.”

Funding of £300 from the o2 Think Big scheme helped the project come to fruition, and management at St Hugh’s Academy were also generous in supplying three members of staff to supervise the youngsters.

Meanwhile, a professional actress gave her time to teach the film students a thing or two during a two-day workshop.

Throughout the week, the main activity was acting out the scenes - and with only half an hour to go until the end of the summer school, filming was completed.

Over the next few weeks, Tinnino will be working on the editing process, cutting down the hours of footage into a short film around 20 minutes in length.

It is a task he is revelling in, as film direction and production is his biggest passion.

He said: “I have such a passion for this. For me this is life-changing. That sounds silly but this is the beginning of my future. One day, I will take this film and this experience to Hollywood.”

The premiere of ‘Triston and the Rugrats’ will be held at the Guildhall in September. The date has yet to be confirmed.